Zynga Bingo

Zynga is able to spice up the game of bingo — aside from the added spice of Facebook social networking — by doing something very innovative with daubs. When you daub a number, if there is a bonus on that number it is added to your running total. These small stashes of bonuses add up into useful special moves, like taking a free space, a mystery crate prize, and so on.

A Run Through Unique Twists

The overall Zynga polish is also quite irresistible. Its games tend to go with this fuzzy-creature comic book sort of thing. We have seen other bingo from Zynga with a Vegas skyline motif. There are a few other cool rooms including Pirates and Royal.


The social element of Zynga-Bingo is also palpable, with very robust in-game chats, within the overall networking of Facebook. Zynga actually leverages the live friend interactions of this social network to enhance its own games.

Bingo is a naturally social game , which explains the great success of Zynga’s version. 1-6 cards can be bought at a time, and of course playing more increases your bingo rush.

Power Up!

Another neat-o feature is the Power Up (top right of the game screens), which you accumulate through bonus squares, and it yields winning moves. One of the best is where you call upon online friends to contribute your winning square. Winning, ‘with a little help from my friends’!

Progressive Levels

The next aspect worth mentioning is Zynga’s levels, in which new bingo card themes are unlocked as you gain playtime and experience. This is a twist for the iPad bingo game that is easy with its online version yet not so feasible at a real hall.

iPad Comfort

To think that all of these curiosities are accessible in beautiful living color on your iPad screen is probably one of the wildest things. Playing bingo with a tablet (which is something even physical bingo-halls have done instead of paper cards) is a game-elevating experience, and certainly more cozy than those metal chairs in the ol’ hall. Check out our top five for more ideas.

The game’s caller changes with each theme, by the way. It’s a nice detail.

The Facebook Advantages

As you would expect from the Facebook game-app extraordinaire (keep in mind that Zynga is so popular that it threatened to leave Facebook and ended up in partnership because the social network giant could not let it go) you can also gift bonuses and prizes to friends just like other games like Moobile Bingo. This again makes this iPad version of the classic game a whole new experience.

Whether or not you like your bingo traditional or you like it 21st-Century style, Zynga’s game is worth trying. Fortunately for us, it’s a few taps and clicks away within the Facebook world, which makes it all the easier to pick up and play safely, because we already cruise through our Feed every day, right?

There’s a fun level you will reach called Black Out, in which everything goes pitch dark and acts opposite to expected. It’s probably a witty comment upon the difference between Zynga Bingo and other forms, like night and day.