X Factor Bingo

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Do you love the X Factor?  Then we know for sure that you will have noticed the fact that sites like Mecca Bingo have had some cool X Factor related games for years!  Not only do they have a kooky bingo game themed on this legendary TV show, they also have an excellent slot game!

Since its launch in 2004, the X Factor has fast became a massive institution in the UK and we go nuts every single year when X Factor is on the horizon.  Leave it up to one of the biggest names in online free bingo to bring you some cool X Factor action, then; Mecca Bingo!  The best part about this little treats is that it is a mobile bingo game, so you can settle down on the couch watching the show and playing the game via your mobile phone or iPad.

Review of X Factor Bingo App for iPad by Mecca

Simply head to Mecca Bingo on your iPad and you can play this amazing X Factor mobile bingo game just as you would on your laptop!  One of the best things about it is that you can grab real cash playing this incredible mash up of cult TV and bingo!  Another awesome thing about playing this game at Mecca Bingo is that you know it is not available elsewhere – this bad boy is exclusive to Mecca Bingo alone!

How to play Mecca’s X Factor Bingo

Playing could not be simpler or more fun!  Once you have created your Mecca Bingo account, grabbed your 100% welcome bonus and downloaded the app, you will see a schedule of all the games on offer.  These little beauts can be played for just 5p a pop and each holds a lovely jackpot starting at a fiver – real cash!  Simply choose a category:

  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Groups
  • Over 25’s

And then you are invited to choose your very own contestant from the past show (this is you casting your vote) – there are over 20 of them!  Then you just have to select your tickets – a minimum of 6 – and hey presto: you are playing X Factor bingo!  Utilise the fantastic Touch Screen feature on your iPad by double tapping to zoom in and out or tapping on the bingo ball in the top left of your screen to have a look at the numbers that have already been called in case you need to catch up.  At the end of each round of bingo, the contestant who receives the least votes is eliminated, and at the end of the game the players how have chosen the “winning” contestant will be given a share of the winnings!

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The X Factor Scratchie

At the end of each game you will all receive a free X Factor scratchie, and you can scratchie this beaut to try and bag a free tenner!

Alternative X Factor Bingo

Did you know that there are actually loads of silly and fun X Factor bingo games?  That’s right – as you are watching the X Factor on TV you can be partaking in some fun and booze-fueled games; excellent for parties!  Some players drink whenever, for example, Simon Cowell uses his famous phrases like “Look, I’m gonna be honest with you” or any of the judges proclaim that an act “smashed it” but head to http://www.scribd.com/doc/109099790/X-Factor-Bingo-2012 to see the greatest X Factor Bingo Drinking game that will have you drinking and checking off the board, just like real bingo bash!

Will 2013 be the last year of the show?

So – the X Factor has been running for 8 years now, and year after year the numbers of viewers have dwindled and even the Big Daddy of the X Factor, Cowell (who else) has jumped ship over to the US version.  Some say that 2012 should be the last year, some say 2013 – what do we think?  It was created in 2004 and we all know how popular and monumental 10 year shows are in the world of TV, so we think that the X Factor will continue for at least 2 more years, perhaps going out with a BANG in its 10th year.