Which Model of iPad is Best for Playing Online Bingo?

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Apple continues to impress with their diverse and innovative range of products and the company has plenty of devices that can be used to play online bingo on. The mobile gaming market is bigger than ever with more and more gamers choosing to play from their laptops, phones or tablet devices. We are big fans of the iPad but with so many different models on the market, it can be tough trying to choose a new device so which model of iPad should you choose to play bingo online?

Current Range of iPads

Apple has tried to simplify its range of modern iPad devices recently due to the company constantly releasing similar iPads but with updated specifications. There are so many different models to choose from but we will try to keep things as simple as possible and in the modern era there are three main types of tablet from Apple:

  • iPad Standard
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini

But which one should you choose? It really is a case of deciding how much you want to spend as every Apple iPad will be able to run every type of mobile bingo site with an internet connection but we have gone into a little more detail below for your benefit.


Specifications & Features

Device Screen Processor Battery Weight
iPad Standard – Starting at £339 9.7” Retina Display (2048 X 1536 Resolution) 64-Bit A9 Chip Up to 10 Hour Battery Life 469g
iPad Pro – Starting at £549 9.7” or 12.9” Retina Display (2048 X 1536 or 2732 X 2048 Resolution) 64-Bit A9 Chip Up to 10 Hour Battery Life 437g or 713g
iPad Mini – Starting at £419 7.9” Retina Display (2048 X 1536 Resolution) 64-Bit A8 Chip Up to 10 Hour Battery Life 304g


Each iPad will come with at least 32GB of storage which is enough to hold a few thousand songs, pictures or apps. For those looking to download a lot of bingo related apps then perhaps the 128GB version would be more suitable and you can even get 256GB of storage if you are choosing the Pro model to play some iPad bingo.

Which Model?

The table above should help you understand the main differences between each model. It is important to note that each device combined with a secure internet connection will easily be able to run the majority of online bingo sites with ease on the web. The key is to choose the device that best fits your budget and rather interestingly, the bigger iPad standard is cheaper than the iPad mini.

Each device comes in three colours which are silver, space grey and gold. These days, the battery life and processing power are all pretty similar between models so it really is a case of the size of screen that you are looking for and how much you want your device to weigh. For gamers on the go, perhaps the iPad Mini would be the best choice whereas if you are looking to play at home then maybe the standard model would be more suitable.

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