Video Bingo on iPad

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One great new type of game which is taking the mobile and tablet bingo world by storm is Video Bingo. This great new type of hybrid game is available exclusively to sites on the 15 Network in the UK, so if you’ve got an iPad, head to one of their sites to try it out today.

What is video bingo?

Video bingo is essentially a mix between an online bingo game and an online slot game – giving you the best of both worlds! If you don’t like waiting around for a bingo game to start then this is perfect for you. The only downside is that you’re playing solo and each game is instant, which is great for speed fans but it means there’s not much chat with other bingo buddies.

However it does come with great slot benefits like offering a number of ways to win in each game, plus much bigger jackpots than in most regular daily bingo games. There are also a few different games you can play, each with their own theme. With 15 in total to choose from, including Ali Baba Bingo, Bingo Queen and even Space Bingo, there’s something to suit all tastes.

How to play

If you’ve ever played bingo slots on iPad, you won’t have much trouble getting to grips with this style of game. Basically, all you have to do is decide which video bingo game you’d like to play and load it up. Then in the same way you’d control a slot game, you pick your number of bingo cards by clicking each one ON or OFF on screen – there are usually up to 4 to click in any one game, though some offer more than this. Similarly to most slots, you get to choose how much you’d like to spend on each bingo card, from between 1 credit and 30 credits per card. Once you’re happy with the overall card and spend, simply hit play to release those bingo balls!

The game is instant so all the balls will fire out and your cards will be daubed automatically if they contain any matching numbers. A great additional feature of video bingo is that you have the option to buy more balls if you want an extra shot at winning – great if the base game leaves you with 1TG on a card!

Ways to win

It’s not just a coverall that gets you a win in Video Bingo – like paylines in slot games, there are different patterns which will pay out too. Have a look at the side of your game to see the different combinations that will result in a win.

Of course a coverall pays out the highest, with other patterns paying out lesser amounts depending on how many matching balls you’d need to form the pattern.

Where to play

As mentioned the whole range of video bingo games in the UK are only available to play at sites on the 15 Network, however the site we’d recommend to play on is Cheers Bingo. You’ll certainly be toasting to all the great offers you can get your hands on here, starting with the 200% bonus on your first deposit, plus a spin of the wheel if you put in at least £10 first time round. The prize wheel offers a guaranteed bonus when you spin, and you can grab anything from £5 to £2,500 here so you could end up with loads of cash to try out video bingo for iPad at no cost to you!


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