Britain’s Online Bingo Boom

Online and mobile bingo is well and truly booming in Britain at the moment, despite the uncertainty of internet gambling in the UK, Europe and beyond.

It seems that bingo is bucking the online gambling trend, with the 400th real-money bingo site having just opened its doors in the UK in September 2014. And it wasn’t the last – there have been more introduced to us in October, and more planned on the way before 2014 is out.

Almost all of these brand new sites have been designed using HTML 5 technology and so are easily accessible from our mobile devices or iPads too. Many of the more established sites have moved over to this new software too, with some sites both old and new even offering players a downloadable app to easily access their favourite bingo games on iPads or smartphones. This proves incredibly convenient for players, meaning you can play bingo literally anywhere – as long as it has a 3/4G or WiFi connection!

The news of more bingo sites coming our way defies many critics who have suggested that the change in gambling rules and regulations in the country will have a detrimental effect on the bingo market. Despite the new licensing and taxation rules in the UK, there have been a minority of sites which have chosen to close down or withdraw from the market, but it looks like in actual fact more fantastic new bingo sites have launched than have taken their operations out of the UK since the legislation came into effect. Of course it’s still only early days yet, with the licensing law implemented in October 2014, however it does bode well for the future of online and mobile bingo.

There also has been a regular trend in growth of just for fun, social bingo apps available on iOS devices. These apps allow players to enjoy bingo on their iPad without having to spend a penny, although there’s not much chance of winning anything either. Some social games may occasionally offer a cash prize, though it’s very rare.

Instead, there are other appeals of social games, like the fact that players can enjoy a good game of bingo without having to worry about finances (although some apps permit in-app purchases to move up the levels), responsibility or addiction issues. Plus on top of this, there’s a real social appeal from both the chat rooms and competing or working with friends and fellow players through connecting the app to Facebook. Quite often there will be banter or simple chat games in the chat rooms, as well as the opportunity to give Facebook friends power ups, whilst requesting power ups, coins and more from friends. You can compete against your Facebook friends list too, to see who has reached the highest level, won the most bingos and more on social apps, making it in some ways even more fun and involved than playing on real money sites or in halls.

Between the huge growth in popularity of social games and the creation of new bingo sites on an almost monthly basis – if not sooner – it looks like online and mobile bingo in Britain is well and truly booming. Who knows what new technology, sites, apps or games we can expect in 2015, but one thing’s for certain, the online bingo industry looks set to stay for some time yet!