Trophy Bingo Launches Worldwide

Brand new bingo app Trophy Bingo has now launched on the Apple App Store worldwide, available for iPhone and iPad users everywhere!

This fantastic new app is brought to us by gaming giant Ltd, and promises an innovative new social bingo game which is completely non-gambling but aimed the online gaming community. The game originally launched in the Google Play store back in August, available for all Android users to enjoy since then. For some, this was seen as an innovative and left-field move as most apps are usually launched on Apple’s market-dominating App Store.

It demonstrates a shift in the mobile and social gaming market, whereby Android devices have been starting to outperform Apple devices, offering more in the way of quality and game-playing abilities. This of course was the main consensus until of course Apple held a launch event in October, which included the announcement of a range of new devices, including two new iPhones and the upcoming release of a brand new, technologically advanced iPad Air 2.

Ever one to stay ahead of the curve, wasted no time in announcing that their Trophy Bingo social app would be available imminently on the App store, waiting for iPad users to take advantage of. And so Trophy Bingo was available for Apple device users all over the world to download from 16th October 2014. It’s completely free to download and play (however user should be aware that data charges may apply if you download and /or play outwith a WiFi zone), though users have the option of making in-app purchases completely at a player’s own discretion.

The app itself is puppy themed, and offers players an extensive just for fun gaming experience through its social nature. There are a whopping 120 levels to play through, ensuring there’s lasting fun to be had for all bingo heads. Make progress and unlock other levels by playing, winning, chatting and participating socially by giving and receiving items from friends, as well as inviting your Facebook friends to join. Players can enjoy great additions to regular online bingo with things like power plays, unique games, bonus rounds, card blockers, bingo combo rewards and more available to take advantage of and collect as they progress.

Trophy Bingo’s CEO is pleased with the launch on the App Store, stating that availability on iOS devices is the next step in what can hopefully be full market penetration for this innovative new game. The aim is to make the app available on all possible devices worldwide in order to become the biggest, most popular and highest grossing app of its kind. As well as availability, Trophy Bingo plans to tackle world domination through constant research and development, having started well on the Google Play platform. Players of both Apple and Android devices can expect regular updates and additions to the game in the future to ensure it will never become stale or boring. It sounds like the ideal iPad bingo app for fans of social games.