» Top 5 Bingo Apps for iPad

iPad is indeed the most loved of all the latest handheld devices in the market. The sleek design of the device and the easy to use touch screen controls, make it an excellent option to play top online bingo games, no matter where you are. You can play top iPad bingo games even when you are waiting in a long and slow moving queue or when you are taking a long journey and having nothing to do while you travel.

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There are so many iPad bingo apps in the market today and if you have an ipad then chances are you are looking for some of the best bingo apps for ipad. Take a look at the list of top five ipad bingo apps for your new device.

Top 5 Mix

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  1. Bingo Classic: This is undoubtedly one of the best bingo apps for ipad. It is a 75 ball fun money bingo app that brings the online bingo hall in the palm of your hand. If you are a bingo addict, then this bingo app is something that you should definitely get for yourself as you can play bingo anywhere and anytime, as per your wishes. You can choose to play Bingo Classic either by yourself against the computer or against your friends. Don’t worry; when playing against the computer, your digital friend will not cheat! It will show you its cards after the game so that you can rest assured that the game has been won fair and square. Another appealing thing about this iPad bingo game is that it has a large font display that makes it easy for you to spot the numbers. The numbers are also called out loud and clear to help you with iPad bingo gaming. This is one of the best family bingo apps on iPad.
  2. Road Trip Bingo HD: This one is for travelers – in the UK we might call it travel bingo. Instead of numbers it gives you pictures of things that you are likely to come across on your road trip. For instance road signs, the different kinds of automobiles, animals, etc. Spot an item that is on your card and mark it. You win when you get five in a row. This is an exciting game to play with friends or children when traveling on a road trip. The simple nature of this game allows even kids to participate. Of course you don’t really need an iPad to play this game as momsminivan.com shows but maybe it makes life easier!
  3. Mecca Bingo iPad apps: If you are looking to win real money with iPad bingo apps, then you need to check out Mecca Bingo ipad bingo apps. While you can win real money in ipad bingo games at this site, the app itself is absolutely free and available from iTunes. Simply search for Mecca Bingo at iTunes and you can download it. Start playing instantly after creating an account at www.meccabingo.com. Once you have your account as well as the app, log in to play iPad bingo for real money wins in 90 ball bingo games.
  4. Hipster Bingo: Hipster Bingo definitely has to make it in the list of top five ipad bingo apps. This unique bingo game is available also on ipad. Just get your ipad bingo card and lookout for the trademark hipster symbols. Play by yourself or get together with friends to play Hipster Bingo on ipad. Either way, this is a really enjoyable bingo game for ipad bingo lovers.
  5. Bingo Bonanza: You can download the popular Bingo Bonanza iPad app from All Slots Mobile casino mobile site. This game is only a close resemblance to the online bingo game. However, the excitement and thrills of winning are the same as in all other iPad bingo games. The game is more like a scratch card game that wins you the jackpot when you get two matching lotto balls on your screen. The amount you win depends on the number on your winning balls. This instant win game is a sure winner amongst the online bingo fans.