Sweet Treats on iPad

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Mobile casino games are a dime a dozen since they’re easy to produce and just quickly churn out, but that’s what makes them so popular.

The relative ease at which new ones can come along for you to quickly play for a while, hit a few jackpots then just as quickly discard along the wayside.

Although it’s beginning to get steadily more difficult to find the real gems in all the muck, but luckily that’s where we come in.

Because lately there’s one game that’s proving to be a big hit on the mobile market, its mobile game that everyone’s raving, a mobile slot that’s incredibly fun, that game is Sweet Treats on Mobile

Sweet Treats is an absolutely delightful to look at.

The art style is great with its bright background of stripes and light colour palettes; the tree’s behind the reels even look like you could pluck them up and eat them on the spot.

The symbols in the game are all represented by delightfully delicious images of treats such as lollipops, candy, ice cream, cupcakes and many more scrumptious sweets.


Mobile Sweet Treats is an incredibly fun and easy slot game to play; it features five reels and twenty five paylines to play across.

Bets can be placed as low as 0.10 pence or as high as £25.

The lines being wagered on and the amounts being placed can all be altered using the onscreen buttons to raise or lower the amount to cater to your betting budget.

To start the game just hit Spin. You might wanna try out Moon Bingo Mobile as well!

Fun Features

There is of course the usual slot game staple of Wilds and Scatters in Sweet Treats.

The Wilds are represented by the crunchy looking candy stick and can be used to substitute other symbols in your winning combinations to double your overall payouts.

The large delicious cakes stand in as the Scatters and can add extra amounts to your winning combinations, but their main role is to activate the bonus round.

Brilliant Bonuses

This fantastic bonus round is activated by getting three or more of the massive cakes to appear on the reels.

Upon activation players will be awarded five free spins that will automatically play out along with a varying multiplier amount of 2x, 3x, 5x or even a 10x.

One particularly handy addition to this game is the progressive jackpots. These can pay out with an absolutely jaw dropping 10,000 times your original wager if you’re lucky enough to hit five of the girls eating sweets symbols in one spin.

The top jackpot in Sweet Treats is an absolutely brilliant amount of £5,000.

Ways to Play

There’s a near infinite number of different websites that support Sweet Treats whilst also providing great bonuses for you registering with them, here’s a small selection of our best ones.

Moobile Games

For new members there’s a welcome bonus of up to £150 cash match on your first deposit.

So if you deposit £10, Moobile will give you an extra £10 to play with, so deposit £150 and you’ll get £300 to play with.

On your second deposit this changes to up to £50 then finally £25 on your third deposit into your account.

Moobile game members also get to experience regular random free bonuses that also will notify you by text when they’ve been applied to your account. [Read Review]

Touch my Bingo

Touch my Bingo will offer members their welcome bonus of up to £150 on their first deposit.

This is the same system as Moobile games only you’ll also receive a free £5 to use.

Lady Lucks

Lady luck will offer you a first deposit bonus of up to £250.

Basically deposit £10 into your account and Lady Luck will give you £10 back to play with, so deposit £250 and you’ll receive £250 back in return to play with. So you’ll have a whopping £500 to use. [Read Review]

Also if you want to enjoy a great HD experience whilst you play your game, why not play Sweet Treats on iPad. Or if you don’t have an iPad, then don’t worry as you can also play Sweet Treats on Android devices.