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Social should mean friendly, fun and maybe a little fabulous too. Social bingo apps like Zynga and Bingo Bash are helping millions make friends and inject a few extra fun times into our lives. So how friendly and fun are the top games. We review them all here.

Free or For Real?

Social should also be free. But free isn’t a great way for businesses to make money. It’s time for us and them to think about whether to play just-for-fun or to find a real money bingo app that we can play for free too.

Social bingo sites will be hoping that they have struck the perfect balance by providing a safe, secure place to play bingo with our friends while also offering people the occasional chance to win big.

Top Social Bingo Apps

Our favourite apps are also the people’s favourites – we’ve checked the reviews and made sure we’re not the only ones in love with these fabulous apps!

No. Social Bingo Website
1 Bingo Appy Create a Media Storm


This should be the cheeriest place to play bingo - happy and "appy"? But things are never plain-sailing in the gaming seas - find out why BingoAppy might not be smiling in... [more]

2 Bingo Bash on Facebook


Plenty of room for chat at this iPad-friendly Facebook app. Seriously social... [more]

3 Bingo Friendzy


There's a bingo frenzy in town and for once it's not all about the bonuses. Bingo Friendzy is all about the friends you make and the fun you have. Well, ok, and the chance to win a few quid doesn't... [more]

4 Live Bingo Social App


Fully Facebook integrated and ready for the fun times, but poorly rated so far - not time to forget Zynga... [more]

5 Zynga Bingo


It may be only a matter of time before Zynga games go real money. It's hard to see how apps as good as this one can possibly stay free for... [more]

The nice thing about social gaming in general is that with the emphasis on being sociable people are less likely to develop a gambling problem. And we can all help to make this happen – keep half an eye out for your friends when playing and let them know if they are getting in too deep.