Rope Rescue HD

Own an iPad? Great! Take a step further into Apple’s remarkable gadget’s gaming world! The latest addition to the addiction being Rope Rescue HD! An unbelievably cool upgrade for the “free the birds” gaming genre, this one-of-a-kind game gives you all the iPad gaming excitement you were striving for since you bought it!


If you want a break from iPad bingo and iPad bingo apps, then here is a game, just for you. Familiar with the smashing hit Angry Birds? If yes, you can easily differentiate Rope Rescue HD from it in that you have fewer trial-and-error options making it more challenging and hence lovable! Your mission is to rescue and release a caged baby parrot. To accomplish this, drag a multi-coloured parrot attached to a rope via a few gears that appear in the air towards the cage.

Now, don’t get cocky since the game’s makers don’t have it easy for you! You should play without breaking the rope, dodging objects such as flying knives, vampire bats, fire cannons etc. whose purpose is to break your rope! The length of the rope is also limited. Hence, your winning depends on how cleverly you drag the rope around that gear.

This incredibly simple game looks great in iPad’s large screen. There is of course a time limit but you get to learn at your own pace and as you advance through the levels, you will be motivated with the leader board’s top score every time.


The score is calculated based on the time you take and the length of the rope you leave unused. You get 1 to 3 feathers per level depending on your smartness. If someone else has had a better solution to the level, you won’t get your 3 feathers. So be the smartest player out there since earning feathers can help you in unlocking stages directly!

Rope Rescue HD has 5 gaming chapters with 12 levels each. Get bonus points by using your rope to release a butterfly from amber as well. The game costs just 99¢. So, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get this after having spent enough on iPad! Both the regular and HD versions come for the same price. With Rope Rescue iPad game, there is still another interesting game to look forward to, other than just bingo on ipad.

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