Plumbee announces new partnership with Quickspin

If you love playing slots and bingo games on social media, then you’ll be ecstatic to hear the news about Plumbee. Earlier this month the social gaming software provider announced a partnership deal with the highly respected games developer Quickspin! This means that fans of Plumbee’s previous creations, Mirrorball Slots and Mirrorball Bingo will now have even more exciting money spinning games to enjoy and download.

This is certainly a significant deal for Plumbee, who has a reputation to uphold. The gaming site is well known for having previously taken the casino market by storm with the release of Mirrorball Slots and Mirrorball Bingo. As some iPad users may remember, Mirrorball Slots proved to be so successful, Plumbee later decided to relaunch a version of the game specifically for iOS devices – which you can download now from the App Store. As part of the Mirrorball package, players can enjoy up to 12 enticing slots games such as Firestorm, King Colossus and Sugar Trail. Now doubt this new partnership will be a real feather in Plumbee’s hat, as means they can create and release even more popular games onto the market. Most of these games are available to play on Facebook, or else you can download the Mirrorball Slots or Bingo app for Android or iOS, absolutely free!

Raf Keustermans, the CEO of Plumbee told press earlier this month, the two companies have been working together making top quality games for the online slots industry for the past three years. Over time, the two have developed an excellent working relationship which has now escalated into an official partnership. Daniel Lindberg, CEO of Quickspin was similarly positive. He described how the Swedish based company loved to create fantastic and fun new money spinning games, and how he was looking forward to how seeing how the relationship between the two companies would develop.

Plumbee specialise in casino games for social networks. Their free Mirrorball Slots game boasts the title of being one of the top ten highest grossing casino games to be released in social media – a highly impressive feat! Meanwhile, Quickspin has years of experience in the slots gaming market, specialising in video slots games. Together, the two will work to bring players the highest quality slots games in the industry – and it will be very interesting to see how this partnership pans out and how it will benefit players, particularly Tablet and iPad players in the long run.

Having the two companies working in tandem will spell out good news for players Plumbee games, as a more unified working style can only be a good thing for the quality and creativity of the games. Keustermans also dropped a few hints of things to come, saying that he was very excited about developing plans with Quickspin over the coming year.

This new arrangement is expected to last at least until the end of 2017.