Live Bingo Social App

iPad is among the latest inventions from Apple. Who would have thought a year ago that by the end of 2012 we’d have an iPad4?! While this device is among the most popular hand held devices in the market, bingo gamers should also get an iPad to enjoy some bingo on ipad games.

Several mobile bingo sites like Mecca Bingo have come up with apps to download that will allow players to enjoy online bingo via their iPads. In fact several bingo sites that offer iPad bingo games like LadyLucks do not even ask you to download anything to start playing.

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Along with the no download benefit, there are also huge promotions and offers for the bingo players who enjoy playing bingo on iPad. Of course, mobile bingo sites are not the only place to get fabulous bingo apps for ipad.

Live Bingo App Review

One of the most popular iPad bingo apps that has released recently is the Live Bingo App, again available on the App Store. Live Bingo is just for the players who want to enjoy the fun of online bingo on their iPad with full Facebook integration to make it as sociable as possible. There are no prizes to be won from this fabulous iPad bingo application. This means that the Live Bingo app for iPad is completely meant for entertainment.

This new bingo app has also been integrated with Facebook and this makes it available to you everywhere you go. You can have bingo fun with all your Facebook friends no matter where you are with the help of live bingo app from the Apple store.

Live Bingo app offers only 90 ball bingo games now. However, seeing the success of this app, we can expect ipad bingo apps for 75-ball bingo games as well. All the games on live bingo app are currently free. You have to first purchase the app from Apple though. This iPad bingo application is indeed a huge success and everyone who has not tried it yet must have a go on it as soon as you can. It is your best link to entertaining and free ipad bingo games wherever you go.