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One thing that seems to be on the rise is PayPal bingo for iPad websites; these fun little sites offer their mobile patrons the chance to conduct their finances with the new PayPal payment system either through the URL or using a handy app.

For those not familiar with PayPal, here’s a little guide.

How it works

PayPal works by withdrawing or depositing money into or from a bank account that you designated when you originally signed up and were prompted to enter your debit card details.

It acts as an intermediary for your money, you deposit money into as you would a wallet and you then use this money on casino games or to make other purchases.

How to Join

PayPal is incredibly easy to join; all you have to do is log onto the PayPal website and follow the onscreen instructions to fill out a new registration form by entering your personal information and bank details.


One of the main bonuses of PayPal is its relative speed, transfers can happen incredibly fast to and from your PayPal account. PayPal is also extremely secure, it’s renowned for it in fact, plus PayPal transactions will also appear on your bank statement making your finances easy to keep track of.

Whilst debit or credit card transactions take days to clear, which can lead to you mistakenly underestimating how much money is in your bank and subsequently receiving bank charges, PayPal transfers are instant.


Although PayPal is not without its problems, a quick peek at some forums will show that PayPal is prone to freezing accounts, removing all the funds from users and downright deleting accounts for no reason. Throw in the notoriously grumpy and rude PayPal help centre staff and you can see why some people are hesitant to sign up for a PayPal account.

Other Options

But never fear there are other options available for you should you not want to use PayPal, you could use Ukash for example. Ukash involves depositing your money onto a physical voucher either online or by visiting a store that sells Ukash vouchers.

These vouchers can have between £5 and £500 placed on them and they’re relatively secure as each voucher comes with its own unique nineteen digit code. Plus any leftover Ukash vouchers can be combined into one super voucher with a lump sum on it.

Although the downside of this system is that the vouchers can be easily lost or stolen and unless you immediately declare them as being lost to get a replacement voucher, you could lose all the money put inside them.

What websites use it

There are countless PayPal Bingo sites for iPad out there, so rather than scroll through countless web pages to find a suitable one, we decided to show a small selection of what we consider to be best iPad compatible PayPal Bingo websites available.

Bingo Hollywood:

First deposits here will get you a 300% Welcome Bonus to get some mileage out of that money. So a £5 deposit will land you an extra £15, meaning you have £20 to spend as you like. [Full Review]

Wink Bingo:

Wink Bingo are extremely generous with their sign up bonus, new members get a 200% Welcome Bonus on top of an initial deposit of £5 or more plus a turn on their unique spinning wheel that has a guaranteed payout prize ranging between £15 and £2,500.

Lady Lucks:

Lady Luck has possibly the best sign up incentive as they’ll give all their members a free no deposit gift of £5 when they sign up. Players making a 300% Welcome Bonus that’s broken up into 100% up to £250 on your first deposit, 100% up to £100 on your second and 100% up to £150 on your third. Plus there’s also a great loyalty bonus whereby players making their first deposit are selected at random and given one of several prizes. The prizes themselves can range anywhere from free spins, multipliers, deposit matches or even a cash prize of £500. [Full Review]


mFortune have a rather generous 100% Welcome Bonus of up to £200 on your first deposit plus a free £5 no deposit prize. [Full Review]

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