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When you’re getting your mobile bingo fix it can be a pain to go looking for your card to make a deposit. Instead you can add your deposit onto your mobile phone bill and get playing in no time. It takes no time at all to set up and will save you more time each time you deposit, giving you more room to fit in a few bingo games.

How to Pay By Mobile Phone

To play mobile bingo pay by phone bill all you need to do is authorise the number that you’re using. In the cashier area of the site you’ll enter your phone number and then you’ll receive a text to authenticate the number. Just confirm the deposit and your funds will go from A to B instantly.

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage to this payment method is the convenience as there’s no more fishing around for cards when you’re playing on Android or iPad bingo sites. It’s also more secure to a degree since you’re not entering your payment details, which keeps them away from prying eyes.

The downside is that anyone who finds or steals your phone has the ability to make payments to accepting sites. The spend per day is capped and any suspicious spending will be reported to you but that doesn’t help much when it’s too late. For this reason we recommend placing a password lock on any phone using this payment method so that it offers some extra protection.

The cap on spending can also be an advantage for players as you can limit the amount that you spend on bingo games per day.

Mobile Payments vs Paysafecard

The Paysafecard is different to mobile payments in that it works on a process of buying vouchers and then using them to top up. It’s a bit less convenient than a mobile payment though, as you have to locate a retailer near you and then head there to get your voucher.

This method is slightly more secure though, as no one can charge you extra money if they have the details of your Paysafecard. They could use the money on it but there’s no way for them to rack up debts in your name with it.

Mobile Payments vs PayPal

PayPal is yet another one of the alternate payment methods that players can use when they don’t want to input their card details. Instead, you log into your account and authorise the payment that you want to make and watch the money appear in your balance.

This cuts out the need to find your card each time you want to deposit but you do have to recall your username and password when you want to log in. This can also be hacked, and then it’s possible for hackers to use your card details to create payments in your name. They’ll let you know if there’s activity that seems suspicious on your card but this is often after the fact and then you’ll need to go through the retrieval process.

Where to Pay By Mobile

If you’re interested in trying this way to pay out then do so at the below sites for added bonuses.


– You’ll get £5 totally free when you sign up here and when you make your first deposit you’ll get 100% extra in your account.

Lady Lucks

– On this site you’ll get an amazing £20 no deposit bonus just for inputting your details and authenticating your email address. Then, when you’re ready to deposit you can get another double deposit bonus up to £500 free to play bingo games.