Paddy Power iPad Bingo

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First there was a page talking about it, then a picture of it – almost like this famous online gambling hub was excited in the way parents of a newborn are. The hubbub built and built about Paddy Power’s coming iPad app for bingo. And now it’s here! So will it make it into our top five?

Onward Toward Apples

The Android app came first (you can watch an advert about it), and gave an interesting preview of the Apple version. What we find interesting is the order in which Paddy Power chose to roll out apps (Android first) and the apparent enthusiasm it chooses to show about it.

After all, the site has much to be enthusiastic about, given the immense and growing popularity of online bingo, but particularly free bingo. It seems that more and more of us, and perhaps most of us in a very short time, prefer the trade-offs of having a smaller computer with us always (rather than having to wait for time on the laptop or desktop — they just seem so clunky and old-fashioned now). Yes, everything’s going mobile.

A Sleek App for iPad 2, 3 and 4

The game app itself is very sleek in soft purples and blues. And happily it is confirmed as being compatible with all versions of iPad, including the latest iPad 4 and mini devices. Not many sites can claim to be compatible with the iPad mini, not yet anyhow!

The room-selection page scrolls through the familiar Paddy Power treasure-named rooms like Topaz and Gold. You play best in a vertical orientation. Your cards, up to four, stack up.

At the very bottom of your game-screen you have big buttons for calling up the chat window, side-games, and so on. At the uppermost edge you have vital facts and your money balance, as well as the tray for incoming bingo-balls.

Sign-Up Rewards

Now, a word or two about the promotions for signing-up with Paddy Power. We really like the way the site presents the many specials in tabs by their day of the week.    That goes to show you just how many promotional events are going on here. The big sign-up welcome gift at Paddy Power Bingo is pretty simple, and very clever on their part to get players off to good starts:

  • Open your account
  • Create your chat name
  • Buy £5-worth of tickets in 48hrs
  • Boo-ya, £20 goes into your account

This way, all players get themselves online, meaning on the chats that are so vital to the laughs with online gaming sites. And the mobile app keeps your chatting central.

User Friendly

One might say that Paddy Power is geared for folks who are just turning onto bingo, or have to learn the online side of things after years in local halls. There are tutorials and a rich community menu that includes ‘Roomie Stories’ and even horoscopes!

Anyway, whatever sort of content you like (perhaps ‘Celebrity Gossip’ instead), Paddy Power is a real destination, with all sorts of games and stuff to keep you occupied — certainly the right amount of stimulation to smooth out that commute.