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In the last couple of years e-wallet technology has seen a large amount of growth as new systems are created and adopted by a wide range of sites. One brand that’s made quite a name for itself is Neteller.

Neteller in a Nutshell

Neteller is an e-wallet system that’s fairly similar to PayPal in that it acts as a third party to all your transactions using a secure online server.

How does it work/ How Do I Join?

It couldn’t be easier to make a Neteller secure online payment on your website of choice.

All you need to do to is head over to the site and create and account, then once you’ve done that you’ll have to link a debit or credit card to your new Neteller profile. From there Neteller will remove cash from your account and transfer it onto the site you’re paying into.

A good way to think of it is to picture it as passing your money to your friend who then hands it over to a cashier.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Neteller

When you start using Neteller you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the great features that it comes with.

For example it allows for instant transfers between your bank account and your favourite bingo site so you can keep on top of all your transactions. It also uses a secure server system that guarantees to protect your cash as well as any sensitive information.

There’s also the handy Neteller app, which in itself is fairly similar to the PayPal app so you can use your phone or tablet to top up your account with cash or withdraw money from your bingo account without having to log onto a PC or Laptop.

This e-wallet does have a few flaws to it chief of which is the additional charges you can incur when you’re using it. When you transfer cash out of your bank account into Neteller you’ll have to pay an interest fee, the size of which depends on your bank or building society.

But it’s not just deposits that will cost you because when you make a withdrawal from your bingo site you’ll have to pay a cash handling charge for Neteller to take your money out. The charge is usually £5 and when you’re making several withdrawals it can get quite expensive.

Sites with Neteller Payment Options

Thanks to its growing popularity Neteller is now available on a wide range of online sites; we’ve selected a few fun ones that are worth checking out.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

This great site lets you enjoy Neteller no deposit bingo as you’re given £10 for just creating an account. Plus when you start putting some cash into your account you’ll be given a 350%, 250% and a 300% bonus on your first three deposits.

Bingo Hollywood:

Joining this LA themed site and making a first deposit will land you a 300% bonus and 1,000 Star Points dropped into your account. You’ll also get a 75% bonus for redeposits of up to £50, put in more than £50 and this will increase to 100%.

Tea Time Bingo:

Create an account on Tea Time Bingo and you’ll receive a £15 free. Make your first deposit and you’ll be given the choice of either a 400% bonus or a 25% cash bonus.

Plus for every redeposit you make you’ll be able to pick a 400% bonus or 150% cash bonus.

If you’re looking for a new and more secure way to handle your payments then why not simplify things by signing up with Neteller!

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