MyChoice Bingo App for iPad

More and more new online bingo sites are coming up almost every day but the best news is that bingo games have become even more accessible by going mobile. There are many real money bingo apps and plenty of free iPad bingo games to be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store too.

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My Choice App Review

One very interesting new iPad bingo app that has come up is the MyChoice Bingo app. This new bingo app for iPad is a perfect choice for everyone who is getting tired of playing bingo with numbers. That’s right; instead of playing regular number based bingo games, you will be playing bingo games on ipad with celebrity names and movie names.

You can easily download it from the App Store for free, although there is a somewhat essential £1.49  in-app purchase to be made.

How to Play

MyChoice iPad bingo app, produced by Laddha Inc offers you many choices to replace the numbers on your bingo cards with your choice of symbols. You can choose from names of celebrities or instead go for names of states or even movie names for that matter. This bingo on ipad app lets you customize your game to your liking.

After you have made your choice, you can print out a number of cards with your choice of characters. unlike most of the best bingo apps for iPad, This app allows you to create your own personalized iPad bingo game.

Example Games

Imagine playing this bingo app game in a baby shower. You would be able to use baby items on your bingo cards instead of the traditional numbers or the more novel movie names, celebrity name, etc.

When you are playing the iPad bingo game with your family, you can choose the characters from TV serials, event names and one liners.

In a party get together, you will definitely enjoy your favorite bingo game more when you substitute the bingo numbers on your cards with the names of your friends. This is definitely going to make your party one roaring success.

So quick, go out and get yourself this fabulous bingo game on ipad. Wait, you really do not have to go out to get one of the best bingo apps for ipad. Simply download it from iTunes.

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