iPad4 Games

With your iPad 4 you’ll be watching more bingo balls bounce than ever before! But which apps are most optimised for this super-computing machine?

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The geniuses at Apple are always coming up with something bigger (or smaller!) and better at an incredibly fast rate, and now we find ourselves in the midst of not only the amazing iPad mini, the new smaller MacBook and a brand new iMac with an iPhone 6 in development, but the amazing iPad 4.

They are busy little bee’s over in Apple and they consistently come up with technological marvels that blow our minds.  These devices are becoming increasingly like little laptops that can do almost everything our computers can, including playing bingo!  What will the brand new iPad 4 bring to your mobile bingo experience?


The brand new iPad 4 will follow the same themes that have been promised by Apple with each and every device.  It will be faster, it will have a much higher battery life and an A6X chip, which is an A6X processor which is naturally far superior its predecessors, which improves the speed and offers bigger and better memory – good news for all of those games lobby’s you will inevitably be testing our when downloading  bingo for iPad 4 devices.

The most excellent thing that you can look forward to is the fact that the iPad 4 will not just use Wi-Fi but the brand new 4G – a network that will be a lot less busy than the usual 3G and therefor you will experience much better connectivity.  This is of course an essential when you are engrossed in your iPad4 bingo game; the last thing you want is to lose connection with 1TG!  Naturally you can also look forward to the best screen resolution and display on the market at the moment, as the iPad 4 features a 2048 x 1536 screen resolution.  All in all, this will have a much better performance that all of the other iPad devices, enhancing your mobile bingo experience ten-fold!

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Bingo Providers

What will all of this mean for gaming developers?  Naturally your favourite bingo sites will be clamouring to support the iOS platform because if they do not, they will be left behind.  Will we see more sites offering free bingo play as well as real money offerings so that users can test out the games on their new iPad 4?  This is a possibility – again, sites that are not compatible with the iPad4 are likely to be overlooked for iOS compatible bingo providers so offering more free bingo bash would be a very smart move.

Of course with the iPad 4 well will see more and more stellar games on offer and not just from the online bingo and gaming industry – thinks like The Sims, The Simpsons Tapped Out, Tetris, Angry Birds and so many more will now be downloaded more than ever before, with users taking advantage of the increased speed of gaming and the incredible, crisp screen resolution.  This means that bingo sites will need to up their game and perhaps offer much more in terms of online slots, casino games and scratchcards as well as bingo to keep up!