iPad Bingo – the new face of mobile bingo gaming

An iPad is a device that is very different from a smartphone or a PC. The quality of being an intermediate between PC and smartphone makes it an excellent platform for gaming and it was  only a matter of time when bingo games on ipad became commonplace.

iPad Bingo

As more bingo apps are being written for iPad and iPhone platforms, the popularity of bingo on ipad is taking the bingo world by storm. With improved technology, programmers are trying their best to give you a real life experience during gaming and are achieving this by simulating real world effects such as weight, within the iPad app. Similarly the chat functionality in the bingo ipad apps is also superb and creates an even more intimate conversational experience than the PC based bingo chats.

The Advantage

What makes iPad bingo apps better than regular PC apps is of course the capability of iPad to give a touch screen interface. Touchscreen gaming closely mimics real world gaming and is a major reason for its rising popularity as it gives a more natural feel to the players that is almost similar to ticking off the numbers in a real bingo ticket in hand.

Moreover, gaming on touch screen is also more fun as you flick objects through the screen. In addition, more people are looking for mobile based gambling apps and iPad bingo seems to have released itself at the right time. In fact, one of the main reasons why bingo apps for ipad are popular is the fact that you can carry it anywhere you want and play in any comfortable position you want.

It appears the migration from real bingo to virtual bingo is reversing as iPad bingo gives a feel of the physical bingo gaming world with a digital bingo ticket via the ipad. The best part about ipad apps for bingo is that it offers downloaded versions that can be downloaded onto the device, offering you browser-less gaming.


While it is also true that ipad bingo gaming is yet to be exploited to its fullest potential, there are still a few bingo sites that are capitalizing on this newest bingo trend. Mecca Bingo and Foxy Bingo are two of the popular ipad bingo sites that offer customized bingo apps for iPad.  Other popular names include Ladylucks and mFortune with many bingo ipad apps waiting to be launched by other popular bingo sites.


All of the greatest iPad bingo apps let you win good money with little or no investment. When you join, you receive free money as a sign up bonus to start gaming. You can later earn additional bonuses ranging from 100%-300% on deposits, giving you up to £200 or above as ipad bingo bonuses on your first and subsequent deposits.

Access and Support

Not every online bingo site is right for you. On the same lines, not every bingo app for ipad can be right for you. You need to determine what kind of bingo games you wish to play and determine whether the ipad bingo apps that you are checking out, offer such games.

In order to get the official iPad bingo apps, you must check the iTunes store. It is good to know that all the bingo iPad apps have been approved by Apple and that they are well supported in case you face any problems.

There is yet another way to get hold of bingo apps for iPad. If you already have an online bingo account at any bingo site that supports mobile bingo gaming, then you can check whether they have released an iPad version of their bingo games. You might even get them for free. Examples of these are Bingo Star and Live Bingo.

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