Family Guy Slot Review

Quahog’s favourite family are making the transition from Rhode Island to the slot game scene. They’ve even brought their charm and their hilarity with them! America’s beloved animated TV show, Family Guy, is finally up and running as a fully licensed IGT slot game. The Griffin’s are ready to show you the best way to spin your way to glory. Expect plenty of laughs and gags from the show in addition to top rewards. As Peter often says, this game is freakin’ sweet!

How To Play

Family Guy has provided us with some serious laughs; some light-hearted and some controversial. Still we wouldn’t change it for anything else! The same applies to the slot game in its honour. The Family Guy slot is a very simple and easy game to play once you become familiar with it. This bonus-ridden game is a typical Playtech slot. Players must land matching symbols on one of the 30 paylines to earn payouts. The payouts will depend on the size of wager you place per spin in this new release game.

How To Bet

There are no guaranteed ways to win in this slot. However, there are ways that players can enhance the size of their winnings by playing larger bets or triggering the multiple bonus features. Due to there being so many possible bonuses in this game, players must play at least 50 coins per spin and they can change up the value of their coins to alter their bets-worth up to £1500 per spin!

Bonus Symbols

Like we said before, we don’t know if there are more bonuses or laughs this exceptional slot. This bonus heavy slot game is one of the most feature packed slots we have played in recent times. Appearing alongside the Griffins on the reels, players will see numerous bonus symbols surfacing on the reels. The World Bonus symbol must land on reel 2, 3 and 4 to activate one of the 3 main bonus features. The globe will spin and will land on a feature. The Chicken Fight, The Drunken Clam and Lois’ Hot Free Spins are all taken straight from the show.

Bonus Rounds

The Chicken Fight bonus is based on the ongoing feud between Peter and the Chicken. In this round, players will select bags to reveal cash prizes. The Drunken Clam bonus round will let players pick characters to reveal bonus multipliers. Select more symbols to reveal more bonus multipliers. The last bonus symbol is Lois’ feature. This round awards 10 free spins. During free spins there will be 4 additional wild symbols featuring Lois. An extra naked peter wild symbol will appear to fill up the heart bars and provide free spins multipliers. Quagmire’s symbol will award an extra 5 free spins when it appears. Giggity, Giggity, Goo!

For all lovers of the Family Guy TV show, this is undoubtedly the perfect slot. Fun- filled and packed with bonus features, you’ll be missing out if you don’t give it shot. The Family Guy slot game is definitely worth a visit!

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