Cozy Games Sites on iPad

If you’ve been on the bingo scene for a while, then you may well have heard of Cozy games, who are one of the biggest names in the online bingo industry. They are often seen in conjunction with the Live Bingo Network, with whom they usually work to make exciting new games and promotions. So, who exactly are Cozy Games, and are they a worthwhile choice for the average iPad bingo user?

Who are Cozy games?

Cozy Games is a game development company who largely focus on online gambling games, including bingo, video slots, table games and networked jackpots. They were founded just a decade ago and staffed almost exclusively by people who already had experience within the industry. As a result, they have quickly been able to rise to the top of their field, thanks to their innovation as a games developer. iPad players will no doubt be pleased to know that they put a lot of focus onto creating mobile games, as well as integrated gaming technologies and services.

Mobile compatibility

As mentioned, Cozy Games more or less pride themselves on creating sites which are compatible with mobile devices. There are plenty of opportunities to join in Cozy Games mobile bingo and slots. Their games repertoire boasts more than 100 slots games, and over half of these are available on mobile. It is therefore possible to be a mobile player on a Cozy Games site and easily be able to cash in on the best games on offer.

Cozy games promos

Cozy Games tends to offer promotions which will change each month, meaning that you still have plenty of chances to get your full share of what a promotion has to offer, but you won’t get board of the same promotions month after month. Usually the promotions do tend to stick to a theme, such as free bonus or free bingo tickets, as well as opportunities to pick up extra prizes when you bingo on special patterns

Where to play

If Cozy Games sounds good to do, and you want to experience their software first hand, then here is a list of some of our favourite Cozy Game Bingo Sites for you to try out and enjoy:

Lucky Touch

– If you’re feeling lucky, then you’re in Good Company with Lucky Touch bingo. They immediately help you feel at home with a £10 instant no deposit bonus to get you started. If you like what you see, then you can start depositing and wagering real money on the site – and enjoy 500% on your first deposit, 350% on your second and 300% on your third.

Tea Time Bingo

– Tea Time Bingo is a great way to relax after a long, stressful day, or else to make some big wins during your afternoon tea break. They start you up with a 400% first deposit bonus, as well as a free spin on the bonus wheel to win up to £1500 in bonus. But that’s not all – you have a choice of reload bonus catch up to choose from – which will either take the form of up to £150 in Cash, or else up to 400% bonus on all reloads.

Comfy Bingo

– Comfy Bingo is the kind of site which encourages its players to just kick, back, relax and enjoy some wins. When you first sign up to the site you can enjoy £15 in free bonus, followed by a 1150% welcome package distributed across your first three deposits – similar to that of Lucky Touch.

Check out the above sites for your chance to cash in on all of these exciting Cozy Games promotions.