Comfy Bingo

When looking for iPad bingo apps, Comfy Bingo is one of the best destinations that you could hope to reach. Cozy Games are responsible for powering the site, so it is this group of developers that has undertaken the necessary work to ensure that it is ready provide high quality mobile bingo games to players. The site is on the Live Bingo Network, which is one of the better ones for providing mobile bingo.

Mobile Bingo Games

Comfy Bingo supports users with Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia and other handsets, but there might be limited access. Only users with Android or Apple devices can experience complete mobile functionality when accessing the site. Getting to the core provision of mobile bingo games, Comfy Bingo brings you 80 and 90 ball games but not any others. Two is a great start, though, as some sites can only provide you with 90 ball. Every once in a while it is nice to try out 80 ball instead.

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Gaming in an Instant

When you play the instant games on an iPad you will have the best experience of all. While the smaller devices function very well, you just can beat the visual supremacy of a tablet. Comfy Bingo has north of 30 mobile instants to choose from, but this will be less for users that don’t have an Android or Apple device. However, all players will be able to try casino games, mobile slots and scratchcards.

Comfy Bonuses

There is every reason to feel very comfortable with the bonuses available. Comfy Bingo has an impressive package in place where you can get up to 750% worth of bonus over three initial deposits. On top of this there is also a £15 no deposit bonus to make your wagering even smoother. All of your redeposits will earn you a bingo bonus of at least 25%, but this can be higher when you deposit £25 or more.

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Comfy Promotions

The reason why the bingo promotions are comfy is because they are shared with the other sites on the Live Bingo Network. As you long as you don’t mind the predictable nature of the shared promotions, you can fun with them. There will be plenty of bingo jackpots as well as some special prizes to win throughout the year.

Payment Options

Comfy Bingo gives you your standard choice of VISA and MasterCard, complemented by Ukash and paysafecard among others. There is not a lot to choose from, so you will have to make do with what’s available.