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Bingo Apps for the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is a massive tablet aimed at those who like amazing graphics and speedy processing power. This makes it a top notch device to play bingo on, of course, and we’re here to tell you exactly why that is. Hold tight to learn absolutely everything that you need to know. Brilliant Bingo Apps for the iPad Pro If [&hellip

Cleopatra Slot on iPad

Grab your best head-dress and eyeliner as you dive into the depths of Ancient Egypt with the Cleopatra slot. This game is one of the best bingo slots on iPad, with 5 reels, 20 pay lines and a bunch of bonus features all designed to help you pocket a pretty payout. Design You’ll feel like you’re there in the depths [&hellip

Pocket Bingo

iPad-optimised and a fantastic way to hone your bingo skills in a fun, free, zero-risk environment. Download it to your iPad 4, 3, 2 or 1 today! Erm, if you want 😉

Buzzword Bingo

Compare the different alternatives to playing buzzword bingo on your pad – meetings need never be dull again!

BingoRingo for iPad

It’s bingo Jim, but not as we know it! Find out how this app compares with the best play money games

MyChoice Bingo App for iPad

Create your own bingo games on your iPad. No skill or judgement required!

Super Bonus Bingo for iPad

We’re not quite sure how super this game is yet – the judges are still waiting to pronounce their verdict!

Three Fun Game Favourites

Find out which are our favourite three games currently being played in the iPadBingoApps office

Rope Rescue HD

It’s completely unrelated to bingo, very highly rated and NOT free to download. Makes a change!