Buzzword Bingo

I finally found an app to make those boring meetings a little more bearable. BS Bingo is available to download on iTunes and it’s completely free with no stealth in-app purchases either. I’m trusting you here to know what BS stands for – see if you can spot any BS in this app review!


Whether you call it BS bingo, business bingo or buzzword bingo the game’s USP is the same – to help the time we spend in meetings pass by more easily and in a more entertaining way by drawing our attention to attendees’ use of corporate jargon unnecessarily. iPad apps should aim to offer turnkey solutions to get you started.

How to Play

Whether you and your colleagues play bullshit bingo on iPad 2, buzzword bingo on your iPad 4 or just grab a pen and paper and do it yourselves, the essential requirements for this game are the same and .

  1. Some mechanism for coming up with at least 16 jargon expressions common to your company. This is where most apps fail – the jargon will often be different depending on whether you work for an insurance company or a logistics firm.
  2. The ability to randomise these expressions in some kind of grid in order to generate the bingo cards. This is where the apps come in and where pen and paper can be tedious.
  3. A bingo card distribution channel is also crucial and is another way that your iPads can come in handy – no need to covertly go around handing out pieces of paper. The whole mission can be carried out electronically.

The Apps

The world needs BS bingo, desperately. So far developers’ response to this need as failed to inspire us here at Here are a couple more examples:

  • This poorly rated app is another version of meeting room bingo designed to make boring conferences or seminars a little easier to cope with. It’s called Buzzword Bingo and part of the reason for its poor rating may be that it’s the one that’s been downloaded the most times.
  • Another one, called Corporate Bingo, hasn’t received many ratings yet.

So to sum up if you have any Excel geeks in your office, your best bet may be to get one of them to design a spreadsheet that randomly selects words from a list you supply to fill a grid. Shouldn’t be too difficult – he or she will probably even enjoy the challenge ;).