BingoRingo for iPad

iPad is definitely the trendiest device out there and there are scores of bingo apps for iPad coming out in the market now. BingoRingo is one the latest and available at Appleā€™s App store. Not sure it’s one of the better ones though to be honest.


The bingo cards of this iPad app will have 40 numbers with one free spot in the center. There are 4 kinds of Bingo-Ringo, based on the number of winners you want to have.

In the regular form of Ringo Bingo, only the rows are there to win, so the game will have 7 winners totally, one each for the six rows and one winner for the full house bingo ringo.

Another type of BingoRingo includes Regular & Diagonal winners. In this form of the game, there will be 9 Winners with one each for the 6 rows, two for the diagonals and one full house winner.

Yet another form of Vertical, where the rows and columns are considered for the game. This form is for a larger group of players, as there will be 13 winners totally. One each for the 6 rows, one each for the 6 columns and then there will be one winner for the full house winner.

Free or Pay $2?

The complete form of bingo ringo will have 15 Winners where there will be 6 winners for the rows, 6 winners for the columns, 2 for the diagonals and 1 for the full house. The call is also a little different here. As soon as you have made a win, shout out Bingo Ringo, instead of the usual Bingo. In case there are more than one call for the same, the prize can be split or you can roll a dice or toss a coin to decide who wins.

The full app costs $2 to download, available as an in-app purchase. Download the free version here.

With a great user interface, 4 variations to the same game and unlimited undo options Bingo Ringo is trying hard. Another nice feature for this game is that the numbers that are called are arranged in a sorted order to increase the convenience for the players. It’s not exactly real bingo though!