Bingo for iPad Mini

Apple launch brand new devices so often that is hard to keep up sometimes. The iPad Mini is a little smaller than the standard iPad. So what will this mean for your bingo games?

Did you know that as well as the much anticipated iPhone 6 and the iPad 4, Apple has recently launched the iPad Mini?  YES – this little creation does absolutely everything that you fancy iPad does but it is a more compact little guy that fits more easily into your pocket….much like an iPhone except you can’t call people!

The Pearls of the iPad Mini

Despite its small stature, it still boasts a 10 hour battery, which is perfect for all your mobile bingo gaming needs; nothing worse than finding yourself with 1TG and having your battery die!  Though it is dubbed the iPad Mini, the screen is still an impressive 7.9 inches, so you don’t have to worry about your bingo games looking small!  It also uses the exact same LED backlight as the iPad does, which all makes for an incredible mobile gaming experience.  At the moment, there are already over 270,000 apps compatible with the iPad Mini sitting in the App store.

iPad Mini Bingo Apps

The fantastic thing is that the apps developed by Apple are basically compatible with all iOS devices, so the best bingo apps that you have been able to download to your iPad and iPhones will still be compatible with the iPad Mini.  The best in the world tends to be Lucky Bingo, which is compatible with 4.0 iOS and beyond.  This little gem offers players cool 75 ball bingo games and can be downloaded for free.  Bingo Run is another fantastic bingo app available to be downloaded from the App Store and this one looks a lot like the social bingo games on offer from Facebook.  Offering 75 ball bingo games, Bingo Run offers their wares in 14 languages which is a testament to its popularity.  Compatible with iOS 4.0 and later, this little treat can be played for free on your iPad Mini.  Speaking of Social Bingo on Facebook, you can even find the terrific Bingo Blitz games on the App Store, and these are compatible with iOS 4.3 and above.  There is also the fantastic Bingo Bash – compatible with iOS 4.0 and above – which looks incredible.

iPad Bingo Sites

The fantastic thing about playing bingo on an iPad is that it is, essentially, a little mini laptop and works as such.  So you simply have to head to the site in question and play their bingo games as you would if you were playing on your laptop.  This means that you have a wealth of choices at your disposal!  You can choose to play even the biggest bingo games via your iPad Mini, like Foxy Bingo, Ladbrokes Bingo and so on or head to the excellent sites dedicated to mobile bingo like Lady Lucks, Moobile Games and mmmBingo!  The latter would be the better choice for you if you want to play bingo on your iPad Mini, as these fantastic sites offer free no deposit bonuses to test out the game’s first and make sure that they look fab on your device!