Bingo Bash on Facebook

Who knows, maybe Bingo Bash will go the way of Bingo Friendzy and Zynga Bingo soon, by offering real-cash games. For now, this play-only (no betting) bingo app is a load of fun, made even better by its social features. Play it on Facebook or download it directly to your iPad here.

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The app comes from a team called BitRhymes and as far as we can tell, as of late 2012 this is the only app they have developed. Your iPad2, 4, 1 or 3 will need iOS version 4 installed if you want to download the game.

How it Plays

The game screen can hold up to four cards, in the standard set-up, dead center. The board is very colourful and yet rounded and easy to look at. Off to the left side there is the entire set of numbers. It is even iPad3 compatible.

On the right there is an information window, and below a generous chat window. The balls roll to the left of your bingo cards. Each card has a very satisfyingly big ‘Bingo!’ button to keep your eyes on!

At left, above the complete number set there is a feature you will really begin to love about Bingo Bash, part of what makes it unique. This is the place where your power up meter and your special prizes appear. You see, as you play this version of bingo you score and collect various prize items. Certain squares on your cards are loaded with these extra fun items, and so when you take those numbers the freebies go to you.

The Extra Dimension of Fun

As you collect surpluses of the various prizes like gems they can be exchanged for coins, bingo cards, power ups and collectibles. Some things can also be given to other players. This is where the social aspects comes into play.

The extra rewards would not be all that fun unless we were playing amongst friends for whom they also mean something. Acts of giving and receiving make the game so much more layered, just like social interactions offline. The added chat window, a window connected to friends, completes the social picture while playing Bingo Bash.

Unlocking Virtual Cities

Another charming detail (even if non-essential) is this game’s themes. As you gain experience you will unlock new levels and buy cards different world-city-inspired rooms. Not too much changes aside from the background art and some sound effects. It is a perfectly low-key way for the game to change as you play, keeping it alive and interesting.

That ever-refreshing quality of the free bingo games — updates and new players influence their workings. This could be thought of as yet another aspect of social bingo because it reflects the continually-changing nature of all social experiences. Without that dynamic quality these games and their graphics would not look or feel very ‘social’ at all, now would they.

All in all, Bingo Bash on iPad is an excellent bingo game, especially if you are taking a break from your real-cash bingo activities for a while, or you are teaching your kids the art. Since you might very well end up strengthening your ties to friends and relatives (over Facebook-run bingo games, for instance) or get invited to local bingo club meets, Bingo Bash could be good society to meet!

Otherwise, if you’d like to keep your options open and check out other fun stuff, you can also download other splendid bingo games such as the Moobile bingo and mFortune bingo.