Bingo Appy Create a Media Storm

Bingo Appy launched in August 2012 to a media frenzy, but not all of the news has been good.  This game can be played via the Apple store for iPad users, but it can also be accessed via Facebook.

Not So ‘Appy Bingo?

Bingo Appy and another top Facebook app offering real cash prizes, Bingo Friendzy, hit the headlines most recently because parents all over the nation are furious that this Facebook bingo app offers real money gaming, fearing that it will spark a gambling addiction in their children.

Launched in 2012

Both of these social bingo apps were launched in the latter part of 2012 and already they boast over 200,000 monthly users.  Bingo Friendzy was the first Facebook bingo app offering real cash prizes with Bingo Appy close behind, and critics fear that this is what will have young people unable to resist.

This app was created and powered by 888Holdings, and it is this massive company that has come under fire from parents across the UK who claim that they are fueling gambling addiction and paving the way for a new generation of gambling addicts.  888Holdings have hit back, saying that they clearly state on the app that the game is for users of 18 years and over ONLY. Much will depend on the controls Facebook can put in place to stop underage users from using the app.

Both 888Holdings and Facebook insist that they have integrated the use of encrypted software to ensure that under 18 users are not able to access the games.  But ANYONE can create a Facebook account and there is nothing to stop underage users creating an account using a birthdate that shows them to be over 18.

Mountains Out of Molehills

It has been said that kids could either steal their parents card details to find an account and play on a fake over 18 Facebook account, or simply log into their parents account and use their profile on which the credit card details are already stored.  Our take on the whole thing?  This is getting blown WAY out of proportion!

They are envisioning a whole nation of kids stealing their parents card details or logging into their accounts to grab some online gaming action and blaming Facebook and 888Holdings for this!  Couldn’t this be said about ANY online gaming site in the world?  If kids WANTED to get hold of credit card details to gamble they could do it ANYWHERE at the millions of online gambling sites all over the world.  Why are Bingo Appy and Facebook alone being targeted?

The Solution

888Holdings and Facebook have designed a number of “checks” to ensure that users are over 18, however these could still be overcome by kids – as long as you state that your birthdate is later than 1995, you can pretty much do ANYTHING on Facebook and indeed other online gambling sites.  Facebook do have measures in pace to stop kids from using a credit card that does not belong to them, including software to ensure that the card details match only the profile of the person registered with that card, but there is nothing stopping kids from playing the hundreds of Facebook bingo apps that don’t offer real cash prizes.

We think that the job of protector children from gambling apps like this falls solely with parents, as there seems to be nothing more that Facebook can do to stop minors playing these games short of scrapping all top gambling apps altogether.

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