Three Fun Game Favourites

One of the main things that you can do with your latest iPad is play online bingo. To play for real money, you just have to download or play an app created by an online bingo site – or choose from our favourites :). Fun games can be a little harder to find.

Top 3 Fun Games

The touch screen of the iPad makes playing online bingo on iPad, a real joy. It is in fact even more fun and a lot more realistic too and the small size of the tab gives an added advantage as it makes it easier for you to play iPad bingo whenever you want. Some of the major “just-for-fun” apps are as follows:

Soap Bubble Bingo is a new name in the iPad Bingo apps. It is a tricky dice board game where you have to make use of your luck and grab the highest score you can get. It is not a long drawn out game. In fact, every game will last for just around 10 minutes, which makes it a convenient quickie game to play with family and friends.

People Bingo is another iPad Bingo app that will definitely hone your observation skills. To play this game, simply visit a mall or any crowded place and look for people that match the description in your bingo card. When you spot a person that matches the description, simply tap the square to mark it.

Real Bingo is yet another app which allows you to enjoy bingo on iPad. As the name suggests, it is the closest you can get to playing real bingo games by yourself. How so? Well, the app will generate bingo cards and will also generate bingo call numbers; randomly of course. There is no pattern to the numbers being called, so you are literally playing bingo just by yourself.

Many online bingo sites like Mecca Bingo and Foxy Bingo are now offering a vast variety of iPad apps in the market today. Simply choose from the list of free or paid iPad apps from the Apple store or from the online bingo sites themselves. You can also download iPad Bingo Apps for real money, if you want to enjoy real money bingo games.