Apple Announces New Tech

There isn’t a person on the planet that wasn’t aware that Apple launched a new iPhone this week. Dubbed the iPhone 6, this new piece of tech was introduced at their press event in the company’s home town of Cupertino, California.

Apple’s Chief Executive Tom Cook took to the stage at the event to address a packed crowd about this new gadgets latest features and hardware.

This announcement of a new mobile gadget is of course a great thing for other gamers, specifically the iPad crowd as the various gadgets and improvements to the new iPhone will undoubtedly be ported over to the next iteration of the iPad.

For starters the screens are bigger; this increase in screen size on their mobile range might lead to Apple adopting larger screens in other devices like the next iPad for example, even though the recent trend has been to reduce iPad size.

The iPhone 6 comes with the latest iOS 8 software and a next-gen A8 64-bit processing chip. This means that you’ll be able to run more high-end casino and bingo games on your device without having to worry about any compatibility problems or crashes.

The iPhone 6 also has had its battery life beefed up, so this could lead to the creation of new tablet devices that come with larger battery capacities further down the line. This in turn could mean that you can play your favourite iPad bingo games for longer without having to worry about stopping to recharge your tablet.

But that’s not all that was shown off as Apple also announced a new smart watch device. This new device allows users to screen calls and messages from their phone as well as allowing easy app access. However, all this is done on the assumption that you already have an iPhone in your pocket or linked tablet device nearby.

What this might mean is that you could start a game on your tablet and then continue it on your watch when your tablet device runs out of battery. Although Apple have yet to confirm if you’ll be able to play games on the smart watch.

Another surprise announcement was the release of Apple Pay. To coincide with the roll out of the new iOS 8, the Apple Pay system lets users scan their credit cards which are then stored on the Passbook app. From there the app will create unique single use codes that are stored on your device and are used in the transaction process, rather than exposing your credit card details.

You can also use it within apps to make payments so you’ll be able to deposit into your bingo accounts from your iPad with the touch of a button. This system also keeps your card details secure so you can rely on it to keep your sensitive information safe.

The iPhone 6 has certainly caught up fast to modern tablet devices and with these changes inevitably being implemented on tablets portable gaming is certainly going to improve drastically in the next few years.